Why is Peek Free?

We believe the web would be a better place if websites were built with the input of the people using them. Out of this belief, the UserTesting research platform was born. Peek is free because we think the best way to spark your interest in this platform is to let you see the magic of usability testing in action.

Usability testing—the process of evaluating a site or product’s usability by letting real people try it—has been around for decades. Initially, it was so expensive and complex that only big companies could afford it. In fact, our cofounder Dave was first introduced to usability testing while working at Apple. When he saw how valuable testing was, he wanted to find a way to make it available to everyone.

Former Apple.com manager finds a way to bring usability testing to all.

Since then, UserTesting's platform has been used by tens of thousands of companies big and small. Enterprises like Adobe, Verizon, Evernote, and Walmart love our advanced research platform, and small businesses and startups love our speed and affordability. Peek is an extension of our vision to make usability testing part of the routine of anyone responsible for websites or apps.

From the first day Peek became available, we've heard from thousands of people how useful and addictive it is. We’re hoping that Peek gives thousands of website owners—from the wedding photographer to the Fortune 100 executive—their own “aha!” moments that turn them toward user-centered design. And of course, we also hope that those who would benefit from more advanced features—like running longer tests, requesting testers with specific demographics, writing specific tasks for users, etc.—will learn about UserTesting through Peek. The web is full of exciting experiences today, and we want to help tomorrow’s experiences be even better.